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I'm using git clone --reference, it works like a charm !

Now, I have submodules, so I call git clone with both --recursive and
--reference, works only for the repo itself, submodules are being
cloned without the "--reference" option.

With GIT_TRACE=1 I can see this for the initial repo:

trace: built-in: git 'clone' '--recursive' '--reference' [...]

And this for the submodules:

trace: built-in: git 'clone' '-n' [...]

for every submodules.

Is this an intended behavior ?

How can I force the clones for submodules to be executed with the
--reference option ?

I tried to wrap /usr/lib/git-core/git-clone, but GIT_TRACE states it,
it's a builtin and indeed my wrapped version of git clone is not
executed !



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