Re: [PATCH v2] completion: add new git_complete helper

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Felipe Contreras wrote:

> I took your argument seriously and looked for evidence myself, and in
> the absence of evidence I'm still not throwing it away, I'm assuming
> it has merit and added code to make sure we don't override some user
> function that has the same name. That would solve the problem you
> raised

Ah.  All that talking, but I was not addressing your actual point.

I though you didn't believe that the namespace adopted by the
bash_completion project was "identifiers starting with underscore,
plus a few old identifiers that have been grandfathered in".

But in fact, you just don't like namespace conventions.

Now I'm exhausted so I have no time to explain why a project that
involves implicitly including scripts from a wide variety of authors
into a flat namespace shared with others might end up using a
convention to manage that namespace.  But at least the world seems a
little saner.  Sorry for the wasted time.

Please, next time just say what you mean instead of leaving me talking
about something irrelevant.
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