Re: [PATCH v2] completion: add new git_complete helper

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Felipe Contreras wrote:

> Sure, it would be nice to follow bash_completion project's convention
> for these kinds of functions, if they had any, and might be useful to
> ask them what they think. But we don't *have* to. And nobody is
> arguing that we should ask them. Right? Or are you?

No, I really am not arguing that we should ask them.  Because we (or
at least I) already know at least what their convention was a few
years ago.  However, I do encourage anyone curious to ask them instead
of making up arguments about why the answer is obvious.

> But throwing arguments on the air, and they get angry when they get
> counter-argued is not helpful. If we are going to discuss, lets
> discuss, but that doesn't seem to be what you want. You want me to
> blindly use the name you propose without saying a word?

I do not think it is fair to call your position blind.  I really would
be happier if you were able to listen, and, instead of throwing out
protests and debating points, to talk about your real concerns.

I am guessing (but you never said!) that you find the name
__git_complete ugly.  That's fine.  I even agree.  I have mentioned
that there is a namespace that your proposed alternative violates.
Your response is... to refuse to believe that what I said is true or

How am I supposed to have a reasonable discussion after that?

This is not a debating floor.  When I give what I think is relevant
information, I am not requesting "please misinterpret me and shoot me

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