Re: [PATCH v2] completion: add new git_complete helper

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Felipe Contreras wrote:

> You are the one who brought the argument that even public functions
> have the '_' prefix, so it's *your* responsibility to substantiate
> that argument.

No, honestly it isn't my responsibility to waste time arguing with
you.  What kind of crazy world would work that way?

And I did not mean to bring up any argument.  I only meant to bring up
the _datum_ that, at least in the context of the bash_completion
project, that is the current convention.  And then you started trying
to tell me that I had the facts wrong!  You might even be right, but
you haven't shown any sign of trying to check that, by, say, asking
someone from the bash_completion project what convention they use.

I'm sick of this.  Call it whatever you want.  I don't know why you
think this is productive.

Still annoyed,
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