Re: [PATCH v2] completion: add new git_complete helper

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Felipe Contreras wrote:

> What makes you think this is public? It's under the section '# helper
> functions', which doesn't seem to be public. Plus, it's repeated in
> rpm, rpmbuild, and rpmbuild-md5.

Ok, you win.  I hadn't realized we were having a debate, but now I do,
and you have won.

Can we get back to making the completion script nicer for human
beings that have been using it, please?

The following summary may sound annoyed, because I am.  On the other
hand I know you mean well and am grateful for your work.

I have said that the convention for bash completion scripts is to
precede all exposed identifier names with an underscore.  You
mentioned some old counterexamples that have been grandfathered in.
You mentioned that you do not trust me.  Your bash completion script
gets loaded immediately instead of being lazy-loaded, probably because
it is not in /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/.  You claimed
that nobody would _ever_ ask for bash completion support at the end of
their .profile and after their custom functions in .profile that do
something unrelated, though I used to do that for a long time and
Debian's default .bashrc loads /etc/bash_completion at the end, too.

I still maintain that namespaces are useful and we should follow the
conventional ones when they exist.  What is the next step?

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