Re: [PATCH v3 0/5] completion: trivial cleanups and fixes

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Felipe Contreras wrote:

> Just a few simpliciations, improvements, and add some missing options.

I generally like this.  Quick comments:

> Felipe Contreras (3):
>   completion: simplify __gitcomp_1

Thomas and Gábor seem to have this one covered, with some improvements
to it under discussion.

>   completion: trivial simplification

Improves consistency.  The changelog line isn't precise enough to
remind me which change is being mentioned when reading it in the
shortlog, so I guess I'd prefer something like

	completion: simplify by using $prev variable

>   completion: add missing general options

Likewise, a subject line like the following would work better for

	completion: --info-path and --no-replace-objects options for git

Hope that helps,
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