Re: Pushing to a remote repo from a remote repo?

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Brian Cardarella <brian@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> So I have a destination repo that is remote. And I have a source repo
> that is also remote. I would like my local machine to act as a proxy
> to allow me to push to the destination from the source without ever
> download the repo to my machine. Is this possible?

First, you can set up either SSH tunnel (for SSH transport), or HTTP
proxy (`http_proxy`[1] environment variable or `http.proxy` config
variable[2] for HTTP transport, both smart and dumb), or git proxy
(`core.gitproxy`, e.g. netcat or ssh, for git:// protocol)

Second, you can configure repository using hooks so that pushing to
said intermediate repository would push to destination repository.  In
this solution you would have repository on disk on intermediate
machine, but you can avoid manual transfer to and from intermediate

[1] curl(1) manpage, the "Environment" section
[2] git-config(1) manpage

Jakub Narebski

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