Re: [PATCH] fetch: Only call a new ref a "branch" if it's under refs/heads/.

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On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 10:42:20PM +0200, Jens Lehmann wrote:

> Am 12.04.2012 22:36, schrieb Marc Branchaud:
> > I assumed it was an optimization of some sort -- that since tags are normally
> > only fetched when they're part of a requested branch's history (right?),
> > there was no point in doing submodule recursion on the fetched tags since
> > those tagged tree-ishes had already been submodule-recursed.
> If that is the case the patch I just sent is pointless, but adding a comment
> there explaining that would be a good thing ;-)

That is often the case, but not always (I might explicitly fetch a tag,
or have refs/tags/ in my refspec). So I think you want to handle both to
cover all cases. I haven't looked at the submodule recursion code, but I
would hope that it would eliminate duplicates (so if I get a branch and
a tag that is on the branch, we would look at the commit in question
only once).

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