Re: Why can't git open empty branches ?

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Hi Hadmut ;-)

On 11.04.2012 13:47, Hadmut Danisch wrote:
Creating independent branches by pushing two separates into a single
remote bare is a nice idea, but if I understood git correctly, the very
first commit in a repos is always to the master branch, where you have

AFAIK the only thing that makes master the initial branch is the file .git/HEAD that points to master after you "git init". This is not hardcoded.

> So your proposal might work perfectly, but in my eyes it is error
> prone and not user friendly.

Serious errors should not happen since the bare repo on the server is created with the flag denyNonFastForwards. So even if you had a master branch in both repos, only one of them, the first one, would succeed in pushing to the server, a push of the second one would give you an error message. Maybe not user friendly, but safe.

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