Re: Why can't git open empty branches ?

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Hadmut Danisch <hadmut@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> e.g. open source software and the web pages describing it (like in git
> hub), or a web server tree and the software generating it. They are
> related, but do not logically share a history.

In these cases, you'll want to have two working directories, if only to

git checkout documentation
# fix a typo
git commit
git checkout code
# complete rebuild triggered.

> Creating independent branches by pushing two separates into a single
> remote bare is a nice idea, but if I understood git correctly, the very
> first commit in a repos is always to the master branch,

Not necessarily. I don't see an option in "git init" to change the
default branch name, but you can

git init foo
cd foo
git checkout -b whatever-branch-name

and work.

Otherwise, you can have a branch that is locally called "master", and
push it as another name (but that is probably the "error prone" in your
message ;-) ).

Matthieu Moy
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