Re: [PATCH 02/12] completion: simplify __gitcomp

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(dropping Shawn from cc since I'm not under the impression he works
 on the completion script these days)
Felipe Contreras wrote:

> Whoa! Breaking their tab completion? Where? Can you show me some evidence?

If you weren't listening before, I'm not sure what I can add now[*].

Luckily, I already said what I needed to say.  Yes, cleanups can be
good when they don't break things, and no, cleanups that break things
are not good.  Sometimes it is not obvious which category each case
falls into.  As you well know, "tests pass" is not enough (e.g.,
sometimes there are no tests!).  If you want someone to argue with,
you can find someone else.


[*] To be extra, extra clear: I never said your patch breaks people's
custom tab completion scripts.  I said it might do so and that that is
not very comforting to apply the patch when no one seems to have
thought carefully about how to investigate that and mitigate the
damage if there is any.
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