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Dear everyone,

    I would like to participate in this year's GSoC and after
interaction with the community and some guidance from Jakub Narebski,
I have submitted a proposal on melange for the project "Use JavaScript
library / framework in gitweb"[1].

    I have learned and tried to understand more about gitweb from the
current code and I think I can finish this project properly on time. I
have tried to modify and experiment with the code because I considered
that is the best way to learn and I have pushed it to github[2]. Its a
bit stale because I had to work on a college project due next week[3].
I will try to continue my work on it as much as I can till further
decisions are taken.

    I would like to know more about what I should be doing more on
this project till the GSOC results are announced. I would like to work
on this project full time during my university break from May 5 - July
22, approximately 75 days which I believe is adequate to finish the
work on time. I assure everyone that I will put my maximum effort to
stick to the timeline and write good code. I will be deeply grateful
for any guidance and help regarding this.

1. http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2012/jaseemabid/1
2. https://github.com/jaseemabid/git/tree/gsoc
3. https://github.com/jaseemabid/fooChat/commits/


Jaseem Abid
+91 8891 72 43 72
S6 CSE student
National Institute of Technology , Calicut.
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