Re: [PATCH] push: error out when the "upstream" semantics does not make sense

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Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

>  		die(_("You are pushing to remote '%s', which is not the "
> -		      "upstream of your\ncurrent branch '%s'.\n"),
> +		      "upstream of your\ncurrent branch '%s',\n"
> +		      "without telling me to push which local branch to\n"
> +		      " update which remote branch with."),

Sounds overly complex sentence to me. "without telling me what to push"
sounded good enough without being long, so I prefered it.

I like accompanying these messages with the way out for the user, so
perhaps we can add stg like

"To push the current branch to this remote, run:

  git push <remote> <branch>


Matthieu Moy
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