Re: [PATCH] push: error out when the "upstream" semantics does not make sense

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Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I worry that a beginner seeing this message would think it means that
> when "master" is set up to track origin/master that there is no way to
> push that branch to any other repository.
> Maybe something like
> 		die(_(
> "You are pushing to remote '%s', which is not the upstream of your\n"
> "current branch '%s', without specifying a refspec.\n"),
> 		    remote->name, branch->name);
> would be harder to misunderstand.

Perhaps.  Do we need to rephrase it without using the word 'refspec'
(e.g. "without telling me what to push"), or there is no point avoiding
jargon because other jargons (i.e. 'remote' and 'upstream') already appear
in the sentence?
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