Re: rebase -p loses amended changes

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Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Johannes Sixt <j.sixt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> IMO, it is a sub-optimal implementation of rebase -p that it attempts to
>> redo the merge. A better strategy is to just replay the changes between
>> the first parent and the merge commit, and then generate a new merge commit:
>>    git diff-tree -p M^ M | git apply --index &&
>>    git rev-parse M^2 > .git/MERGE_HEAD &&
>>    git commit -c M
>> This would side-step all the issues discussed here, no?
> Or cherry-pick the change made by the merge to its first parent, i.e.
> 	git cherry-pick -m 1 M

Err, that was a confusing unfinished message.  I meant the step to replace
the part that uses pipe to "git apply", more like

        git rev-parse M^2 >.git/MERGE_HEAD &&
	git cherry-pick --no-commit -m 1 M &&
        git commit -c M

The primary difference is that, because "apply -3" is not implemented yet,
this will help when the base has drifted too much from the corresponding
blob recorded in M^.

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