Re: How to create empty CENTRAL git with master / development branch ?

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On 04.04.2012 09:11, J. Bakshi wrote:
well.... I like to create the master just after creating the bare repo.
So that the users can just start working on it without "git push origin master"

But what do you mean by working on it? The users don't work on the central repository, everyone has his own repository. And when this user wants to put something into the central repository he needs to push

As I can already ssh into the central git server, I don't need any further

So what should I do after creating a bare empty repo to generate the master
there ?

I can give you two answers to that, both somewhat true:

1) The master branch already exists, HEAD already points to it (look into the file HEAD).

2) Without a commit that master can point to a master branch can't exist. You first have to have a commit that you put into this repository. Since it is bare you can't use "git add"+"git commit" you have to push it from some other repository

A branch is like a pointer in a programming language, it points to a commit. If you don't have any commits, the pointer is NIL. I don't know if git has any use for NIL pointers (i.e. an empty /refs/heads/master file), but no file refs/heads/master or an empty file refs/heads/master means practically the same as having the NIL value (as far as I know)

Instead of "git push -u" you could also clone the bare repository from somewhere (it will give a warning), add a file (for example ".gitignore" if you want to keep the repository practically empty), commit, and push. You can do this locally on the server if you want to.

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