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Hello everyone,

	I was playing around with gitweb project for a couple of days. I
would like to get some more information on the project.
	1. Where can I find general instructions on "Contributing to git? "
more specifically, gitweb?
	2. Where can I find coding standards for git? I am looking for the
git version of this document.
		[JQuery core style
	3. Is JavaScript code unit tested? I cant find much docs regarding
this anywhere.
		I found some general instructions
but not for JavaScript.
		I did analyze a few scripts in t/ folder.
		I have shortlisted the following for JavaScript unit testing in
priority order.
		[JSDev by Douglas
Crockford](https://github.com/douglascrockford/JSDev) for its
simplicity and elegance.
		[Jasmine](http://pivotal.github.com/jasmine/) for its power.
		[Sinon.js](http://sinonjs.org/)	- overall goodness.
	I would love to hear from you all suggestions on this. A bit of help
for integrating new tests with the existing ones will be of great


Jaseem Abid
+91 8891 72 43 72
S6 CSE student
National Institute of Technology , Calicut.
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