Re: t5704: problem with OS X sed

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Brian Gernhardt <benji@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> t5704's newest test has always failed for my on OS X.  It's taken a little while for me to find the time to try to fix it.  Unfortunately, my sed-fu has proven not up to the task:
> sed: 1: "/^-/{p;q}": extra characters at the end of q command
> not ok - 7 ridiculously long subject in boundary
> #	
> #		: >file4 &&
> #		test_tick &&
> #		git add file4 &&
> #		printf "%01200d
> #	" 0 | git commit -F - &&
> #		test_commit fifth &&
> #		git bundle create long-subject-bundle.bdl HEAD^..HEAD &&
> #		git bundle list-heads long-subject-bundle.bdl >heads &&
> #		test -s heads &&
> #		git fetch long-subject-bundle.bdl &&
> #		sed -n "/^-/{p;q}" long-subject-bundle.bdl >boundary &&
> #		grep "^-$_x40 " boundary
> #	
> I've tried various bits of whitespace or splitting the commands in
> two, but haven't hit on the proper combination of commands.
> Of course, if I remove the sed invocation, I get the following error
> from grep: "Regular expression too big"
> It seems to me that using sed to find a single line and then
> grepping for it is somewhat redundant.
> If someone else has suggestions on how to make this test work on OS
> X, I'm happy to help test them.

Thomas Rast proposed a patch to fix this issue, as reported by
BJ Hargrave, in

  Re: [ANNOUNCE] Git
  Message-ID: <87y5rd4wci.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


  [PATCH] t5704: fix nonportable sed/grep usages

Jakub Narebski
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