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I'm looking forward to the next git release with Chinese l10n, so that
I can start to rewrite my book on Git. ;-)

The maintaince of the git-po and git-po-zh_CN repositories so far:

git-po repository
Location   : https://github.com/gotgit/git-po
Fork from  : https://github.com/git/git
Description: This is the Git l10n master repo, and is used to coordinate
             works of l10n teams. L10n team leaders send pull requests
             to this repo, while other l10n contributors should wok on
             the language specified repository created by the l10n team
Typical commits:

- commit https://github.com/gotgit/git-po/commit/71eb878

      merge the pull request sent from the Chinese l10n team leader.

- commit https://github.com/gotgit/git-po/commit/1d4ac88

      l10n: Update git.pot (12 new messages)

- commit https://github.com/gotgit/git-po/commit/508d124

      Merge branch 'master' of 'git.git' into git-po,
      and will generate new po/git.pot in next commit.

- commit https://github.com/gotgit/git-po/commit/dce37b6

      l10n: initial git.pot for 1.7.10 upcoming release

git-po-zh_CN repository
Location   : https://github.com/jiangxin/git-po-zh_CN
Fork from  : https://github.com/gotgit/git-po
Description: Git l10n for Simplified Chinese.
Typical commits:

- commit https://github.com/jiangxin/git-po-zh_CN/commit/7ac1c0a

      l10n: update Chinese translation to the new git.po

- commit https://github.com/jiangxin/git-po-zh_CN/commit/0ad9e96

      fix of Chinese translation

- commit https://github.com/jiangxin/git-po-zh_CN/commit/d4a8e00

      fix of Chinese translation

- commit https://github.com/jiangxin/git-po-zh_CN/commit/c04f5ac

      l10n: initial of zh_CN l10n

Jiang Xin
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