Re: [PATCH] gitignore: add top level patch ignore rule

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On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 5:50 PM, Marc Branchaud <marcnarc@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 11-07-21 09:22 AM, Vitaliy Ivanov wrote:
>> On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 4:02 PM, Michael J Gruber
>> <git@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Vitaliy Ivanov venit, vidit, dixit 21.07.2011 14:54:
>>>> Michael,
>>>> On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 11:09 AM, Michael J Gruber
>>>> <git@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>> Vitaliy Ivanov venit, vidit, dixit 20.07.2011 00:17:
>>>>>> Add top level ignore rule for patches created by format-patch command.
>>>>> Please don't.
>>>>> The tracked ignore file is for ignoring products and artefacts of our
>>>>> build process. format-patch is not part of this process, and the
>>>>> existence of *.patch files depends on your workflow. But what is much
>>>>> worse: In
>>>>> git status
>>>>> git format-patch rev-spec
>>>>> git send-email *.patch
>>>>> it is very easy to send out the wrong patches (along with the right
>>>>> ones), because your patch hides them from status. Also, I can't clean
>>>>> them up with "git clean -f" any more. I would have to use "git clean -f
>>>>> -x" which would clean the build products also (and force a rebuild).
>>>>> So, your patch makes a format-patch based workflow much worse. What
>>>>> problem does it try to solve?
>>>> I will not insist. You may know it better but git as is a public
>>>> project where anyone can create and send patches. So it seems to me
>>>> basic workflow for sharing changes.
>>> Well sure it is. We do that and discuss the merits of patches.
>>> I do use format-patch/send-email, and as I explained, your patch would
>>> make that more difficult. If there is something that it makes better
>>> that may outweigh it. Can you explain what improvement this (ignoring
>>> *.patch) introduces?
>> I'm not sure how listing all the patches that you have under "git
>> status" will help you not to send a wrong one.
> Seeing various patch files in "git status" bothered me as well.
> So I put all my patches in a top-level patches/ directory, along with a
> patches/.gitignore file that ignores everything there.
> If that doesn't meet your needs, you could instead add a core.excludesfile
> entry to your ~/.gitconfig, and in there ignore *.patch files.
> So given those alternatives, I'm not convinced your patch is suitable for all
> git users.

Sure. It's not a problem. And thanks for describing workarounds here.
Actually, this issue is not bothering me a lot but I know that's a
usual practice to put patches to git ignore list.
That's why I proposed it to the list.

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