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> I guess the git2 client will consist solely of non-gitcore code, as
> all the gitcore code will be part of libgit2 eventually.
> I expect the transition to be not so difficult for many commands, but
> the challenge I see is to do it not by 'reusing' git code, but by
> 'sharing' the code. Otherwise we end up with a second Git and someone
> should spend a lifetime to keep the reused code in synchronisation
> with the git repo.
> This might, however, require some (major) refactorization to the Git
> code. I don't know whether that will be supported by everyone.
> On the other hand, we will get the bonus that using libgit2 in the
> upstream git code is then becoming more trivial.
> Maybe I'm aiming at too much here. It could well be that it is worth
> writing the minimal git client to just be able to test libgit2 using
> the git tests. Does anyone want to comment ?


There have been a lot on discussions on the mailing list regarding
on what this client should look like and I understand that we are
expected to come with a specific approach. Also I understand there is
no interest for this project to become large.

Considering this circumstances I think we should implement the client
with the basic commands by reusing git's high level code. I am for building
it independently of the git's mainstream.

Anyway I am open to any proposals. Comments are still welcome.

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