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Thanks for your quick reply! Let me go through your check-list...

On Thu, 9 Jul 2009 20:31:33 -0700, Eric Wong wrote:
>esskov@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> I'm trying to clone the trunk of an svn repo, so that I can work on a set
>> of patches locally, and then occasionally push some of them back to svn.
>> The git-svn clone seems to go well, and the resulting git log looks
>> alright. However, git-svn info and git-svn rebase both say "Unable to
>> determine upstream SVN information from working tree history".
>> Also, git-svn log shows nothing.  I'm using the svn:// protocol btw, but I
>> guess the protocol shouldn't matter?
>Protocol shouldn't matter.  Do you have any non-linear history from
>merges in git?  git-svn (and SVN) doesn't play very nicely with
>non-linear history that git merges can generate.
>Does having a clean clone of that repo fix things?  You didn't use
>--no-metadata or blow away your .git/svn/* directories, did you?

I do get the problem with a clean clone, and I don't see any difference
between the structure of the .git/svn/* of the problematic repo and of the
working test-repo.

The problem can be reproduced as simple as this:
$ git svn init svn://
$ git svn fetch -r BASE:10
$ git branch -a
	* master
$ git svn info 
	Unable to determine upstream SVN information from working tree
$ git log
	each commit shows line like: "a git-svn-id:
svn:// xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx"

These 10 revisions only consist of file insertions and deletions in the

>> To test if this was a general problem, I just tried to git-svn clone a
>> repo on some public svn server which was also using the svn protocol. I
>> used exactly the same syntax for the svn init and fetch commands. However,
>> the resulting git repo did NOT suffer from the problem, i.e., git-svn info
>> reported nicely etc.
>> At some point I suspected that there might be a problem with the
>> "git-svn-id ..." lines in the commits for the problematic repo, but they
>> look just like the ones for the working repo. The .git/config files of the
>> working and the non-working git-repos are similar as well. 
>> What could be causing this problem?
>Which version of git svn is this?  

I see the problem with both git version (msysgit) and
git version (Ubuntu). The latter contains your fix for
that other problem I encountered :)

>Are there any weird characters in the URL?  

No. The only thing 'different' about this svn server is that it uses
authentication (i.e. asks for name+password). But I suppose that when the
git-svn fetch goes well, then this is not the problem?  Do the git-svn
info and git-svn rebase even need to access the svn server?

>Off the top of my head I can't think of anything else; I assume
>you're not allowed to share access to the repo (or to the clone) you're
>having problems with?

Right, at least it's something we should talk about off-list.

Is there any way of asking git-svn *why* it is "unable to determine
upstream SVN information from working tree history" ?


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