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Re: [Gimp-user] Translation updates for GIMP 2.8

În data de Sat, 05 May 2012 22:58:28 +0200, Michael Schumacher a scris:

> > The Romanian translation for script-fu is still not included in
> > Windows 2.8 version (the gimp20-script-fu.mo file is there, but is
> > almost empty).
> >
> > Is this really so hard to figure what is happening there ? It was
> > the same in 2.7.x, the same in RC, the same now.
> Has this been reported as a bug?

I don't know how to fill a bug here, I only reported this issue to this
list sometime in April (with subject "what might be the reason a
translation for script-fu is not present in compiled package ?") and
separately to Jernej Simončič (quote from his answer "I used the
official 2.7.5 tarball - you should check if the translations are fine
there." -> I checked and the translation was ok) and also to Partha
Bagchi because his version(s) contained the same problem.


Cristian Secară
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