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Re: RFE: single window mode: always show tab

2012/1/4 wwp <subscript@xxxxxxx>:
> 1) you have only one image opened. No tab is shown.
> 2) you have two or more images opened, several tabs are shown.
> Switching from situation 1) to 2) inserts what we can call a tab bar
> (tab widgets) and stretches down the image view to a narrower size.
> What the user sees is a clunky, chaning UI layer, widgets are inserted
> (might flicker a bit) and the global working area is rearranged -
> possible without respect to the visual arrangements made by the user.
> Now switching from situation 2) to 1): same notes as above. Plus: if
> you were closing another tab but the current one, the current view will
> be resized (stretched up), what you now see is not what you were seeing
> before closing that other tab. This is even more sensible when the
> image fills the window.
> IMO all this is not friendly, I dislike flickering and self-rearranging
> stuff, and most of all: it makes me feel that the visual working area
> is *unstable* and not respecting my view settings.

Hi again and thanks for the great clarification. I completely agree,
there should be no flickering or re-arranging of layouts. The only
change should be the insertion/removal of the tab bar (without moving
any images in the screen coordinate system). Unfortunately I don't
have the time to write the code to fix this :( Anyone else that want
to take a shot might want to look how this is solved when Windows ->
Hide Docks is toggled.

/ Martin


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