HATE the new save vs. export behavior

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>> You are "hung up* on a single word, "save" vs "export". Change
>your key
>> bindings to match what *you* want.

>Totally agreed. The
>criticism to the new behaviour is quite bureaucratic.

I'm not sure how this remark helps the discussion (nor the other personal remarks about developers in other posts). I understand the discussion is heated, but please refrain from making inconstructive remarks (everyone). I just noticed this new GIMP behaviour, as Debian has only recently pushed 2.8 into testing. As will many other of the (probably less sofisticated) users.

Fact is that there are people who don't like the feature. Actually, I suppose this forum holds most of the people doing advanced stuff with GIMP, which in ratio will probably more often use the new feature compared to others. All people in my surroundings use GIMP for simpler tasks, and I suspect they will all dislike the new feature.

I read the explanation about the new feature. It basically tells me that GIMP users not liking the feature are not the intended audience of future GIMP versions. Personally, I doubt whether all intended users want to be enforced in a specific ("project for each image") way of working, but of course, the intended audience of GIMP are a choice of the developers, and there's not much to argue against it. However, I do not understand why no one discusses a compromise that does neither enforce nor burden exporting. Are the developers really willing to give up a "part" of their users for something which I think can be compromised in a way both sides are happy??

The explanation page says "In other words, GIMP used to assume that you don't mind accidental loss of unrecoverable project data and bothered you with confirmation dialogs. It was a convoluted logic, but people got used to it."

I do not see why this is solved. Someone who is not familair with GIMP, that wants to store something as a png file, clicks save, finds it needs to export, clicks export and has lost their layered data nevertheless, now basically without a warning saying layers got lost. 

Anoko (via gimpusers.com)
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