can't add existing layers to a group.

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Hi all!
I've created an image with several layers and want to group some of them but
have problems.
As stated in the docs, "You can add existing layers to a layer group by
click-and-dragging them."
And also, "The hand representing the mouse pointer must turn smaller before
releasing the mouse button. 
A thin horizontal line marks where the layer will be laid down"

However, I don't see neither a hand, nor a thin horizontal line.

I see a small scaled preview of a layer, and the mouse cursor turns to a
corner, not a hand.

I use GIMP 2.8 on windows 7 64 bit.

I've created an image from several PNGs. 
I've opened one of those PNGs, saved it as .xcf, and then opened others from
File->Open as layers...

Then I've created new Layer group by right-clicking on the Layers tab and
selecting the respective menu item. Then I've run in the problems, described

Seems I'm doing something wrong.


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