Re: CentOS packanges for 2.8?

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Hello gerard82,

On Sat, 14 Jul 2012 11:59:22 +0200
gerard82 <forums@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> >> This is no way to build an application!  Applications and OSes should never be tied so closely together.  
> >> 
> >> I like GiMP 2.8 for Windows a lot and would prefer to run it under CentOS as that is my main desktop OS.  I have given up on Fedora because of the unholy abomination GNOME has become.
> >> 
> >> What is a CentOS user to do?  We want a stable and consistent OS and user experience without having to reload/update everything after less than a year, and if I want to run a current version of Libre Office, there is no trouble.  I can do that.  If I want a current version of Firefox, I can do that.  But GiMP?  Nope!  
> >> 
> >> Why would developers choose to shut us out like this?
> >> 
> I checked Distrowatch for Centos:Ridiculous,Their Gimp is at 2.6.9 while the last 
> in the 2,6 series is 2,6.12.
> I've been using Gentoo since december 2003 after trying a lot of distro's.
> Go to their website and check out the Handbook.
> It has a steep learning curve but the reward is commensurate.
> You'll be able to install and compile anything you may want.
> Gerard.

There are many distributions one can recommend instead of CentOS (and I have
my own preference that is not Gentoo) and I'm sure a lot of them have many
merits, but the question was asked regarding CentOS and we should stick to
providing advice for it. See:


	Shlomi Fish

P.S: Gentoo is for wimps. Real men use Linux From Scratch! And real programmers
use butterflies:


Shlomi Fish
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isn’t a good reason for it.

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