Re: How to rotate a 2D image about the Y Axis.

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On Wed, 2012-06-27 at 21:30 +0200, stephen wrote:

> I'm wanting to get different views of a 2D image
The computer doesn't know what's on the other side of the image.

I've seen software that tries to guess, but it doesn't (and can't) do a
very good job from a single image.

The way multiple images, e.g. of a car from different angles, are
produced is either (1) photograph it from different angles, making lots
of separate pictures to use, or (2) make a 3D model of the car, e.g. in
Maya or Blender, and then ask the computer to "photograph" the model
from different angles and under different lighting conditions.

Alas, the computer also can't make a picture of a person's face by
starting with a picture of the back of their head... :-)

Hope that helps.


Liam Quin - XML Activity Lead, W3C,
Pictures from old books:
Ankh: freenode/#xml

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