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2012/6/22 Christen Anderson <christenanderson1994@xxxxxxxxx>:
> On 6/22/2012 7:31 AM, Olivier wrote:
>> Maybe he would rather want to use Image: Colors ->  Color to Alpha and
>> save the image in PNG. This suggestion would work for removing the
>> white background and replacing it with transparency. Then any decent
>> browser would show the webpage in the transparent areas.
> True... but wouldn't it be easier to just crop it out as I suggested, then
> embed it in the webpage? Idk.. I don't know much about web design, and what
> little I do know hasn't been used in several months... so maybe I'm wrong...

If his "real picture", as he says, is rectangular, then the crop tool
is okay. My suggestion is in the case his picture is not rectangular,
say a person photographed on a white background. Replacing this white
color with transparency will allow the webpage to be seen behind the

Olivier Lecarme
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