Re: Wacom tablet devices grayed out

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Hi Michael,

On 15 June 2012 13:48, Michael Schumacher <schumaml@xxxxxx> wrote:
See - Wacom suggest that you use their configuration application to remove tablet settings.

Yup, that did the trick. Strangely enough after that I could put the settings back to where I set them in the first place, and things kept working.
No idea if GIMP (or rather GTK+) should be able to pick up the tablet regardless of their existence, or if these settings prevent it from doing so.

It would help if the GIMP GUI would tell me what being grayed out actually means. Now there is no indication, except that "it's different from the non-grayed out core pointer".

Thanks for the quick help!

Sybren A. Stüvel

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