Gimp 2.8 - Default Toolbox on the right

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>On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 6:31 AM, utiler wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> I have just loaded 2.8 with much anticipation and found that the default toolbox is fixed on the right-hand side of the screen adjacent to the dockable toolbars.
>> Is this normal for 2.8? It seems weird that it would now be positioned on the right....

>There's nothing weird. You moved it to the right from the main window
>while it was a floating window, and now it's docked there.

>Disable single-window mode, move toolbox to the left of the main
>window, enable SWM again.

>Alexandre Prokoudine

Thank you Alexandre, such a simple fix!!!!!

utiler (via
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