Re: Problem with Gimp 2.7.4 'Text' facility

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Liam R E Quin <liam@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> If that's not how the terms are used, please file a bug.


>> Changing the baseline using the semi-transparent tool box does not have
>> any effect, neither does changing the baseline in the text editor.
> They work fine here, but you have to have selected some text on the
> canvas.

I cannot select text when the editor is active. I have to close the
editor, select text on the canvas, and then [x] Use editor on the
options panel.

It is (still) not clear what "change baseline" is supposed to do.

>> When the text editor is shown, the on-cavas editing doesn't work
>> anymore.
> works here (but I have a pre-release of 2.8) although you can't select
> text.

Yes, not being able to select text is what I referred do.

-- Johan
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