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* Greg Chapman <gregtutor@xxxxxxxxxxx> [05-07-12 07:11]:
> On 05 May 12 22:26 Patrick Shanahan <ptilopteri@xxxxxxxxx> said:
> > This may be a function of your windowmanager, which you failed to 
> > mention. KDE has the ability to designate specific windows to 
> > maintain size and position in addition to which desktop.
> Yes, even Windows allows you to set shortcut to launch a program 
> maximised.
> Right-click the Start Menu icon. Select Properties and under the 
> Shortcut tab on the Properties dialogue that opens, you'll find an 
> option to run Normal Window/Minimised/Maximised.

I believe this was commented that the option maximised the splash
screen/window rather than the program window....  But then that's windoz
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