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If I understand well, actually I never had tested it for this purpose, Daniel. But surely you can start the plugin on a machine, then open images stored on one or more connected clients of the local network (selecting them through the classic File Chooser that appears by clicking on "Add image files"), and choose an output directory on the right side of the plugin window, that can be referred to another remote client.

If you are, instead, talking about a "parallel batch processing" on multiple cpu/machines, then no... this plugin is not for this purpose yet.


Il 05/05/2012 20:19, Daniel Smith ha scritto:
can I ask you, Alessandro, this is for a single install of gimp on
one computer, or can act on a server for multiple images and multiple

On 5/5/12, Alessandro Francesconi<misterbirra@xxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Hello everyone, I don't know if it's permitted to do here, but I want
inform you about my new GIMP plugin.
BIMP isa graphical batch tool made for applying a set of GIMP
manipulations on a group of images. It's different from the "old but
great" DBP plugin in various (and interesting) aspects... Give it a try
if you want!


Alessandro Francesconi<>

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