Re: HATE the new save vs. export behavior

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i have modified the sources...

2012/5/5 GSR - FR <famrom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
strata_ranger@xxxxxxxxxxx (2012-05-04 at 2119.16 -0700):
> > OTOH, I no longer have to worry about
> > accidentally flattening my 10-layer composition when saving a PNG and
> > then forgetting to resave as XCF.
> > Chris
> You should be saving your .xcf file first, THEN save the PNG copy of
> it. Priorities :)

Exactly, I had not worried in a long time, as always saved to XCF, and
used save a copy for the JPG or whatever when needed. Now it seems
save a copy is becoming redundant, if I need yet another XCF, I can
duplicate the image and save that.

So I am on the wall about how the new system will play for quick
things (pretty common when tweaking a texture for a game or doing a
raw "this what I mean" sketch) in the long run, as the issue that
supposedly fixes, was a non issue already while mental load is
increased with new commands and remembering if the complains about
"not saved" matter or not.


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