Re: Review: The Artists Guide to GIMP, 2nd edition

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On 04/22/2012 05:22 PM, Owen wrote:

> I have a book called Grokking the Gimp by Carey Bunks, and available
> for on line reading at
> It was written against gimp-1.2, however it contains lots of theory
> and other esoteric material to warrant its place in a list of Gimp
> books.

+1 on that - Grokking the Gimp was my first GIMP textbook and it was
invaluable.  Probably not the very best thing for beginners, because
GIMP 1.2 is primitive compared to current versions, and the menu
system is waaay diferent.  But "some things never change" and Carey
covers some concepts and techniques that I have not seen elsewhere.

I received an advance copy of the new Artist's Guide but I have not
had a chance to actually read the thing in detail yet.  On my first
pass through, I was impressed:  It covers the right topics in the
right order to provide a very natural learning process - very
similar to my own early efforts in fact.  I will put up a "proper"
review on sometime in the next week or two & announce
it here on teh list.



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