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From: <bkukushkin@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 4:52 PM
Subject: Re: How to control one color only?
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Good day, Keith!

Could you show an example? For some reason I have a feeling that there
is more than one way to accomplish this.

Best regards,

2012/4/11 Keith Purtell <kpurtell@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:kpurtell@xxxxxxxxxx>>

   This is another of those things I knew how to do in PShop and am now
   trying to duplicate in GIMP. I have a photo of a flowchart drawn in
   green marker on a whiteboard. Photo taken with an iPhone, so quality
   is yuck. I brought out the greens with Color Enhance, but now the
   white board has areas that are yellow on the right and blue on the

   How to target these "problem colors" and desaturate or otherwise
   move them back to white?

Here's a link to a version of the image with specific company information removed ...

- Keith 

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