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Michael Schumacher wrote:
Von: Nathan<forums@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

A simple question. I have gimp 2.6.12 installed in WinXP SP3. Do I need to
remove it before installing gimp 2.7.5?

No, but I'd make sure  to customize the installation directory of GIMP 2.7.5 and keep 2.6 installed - there's a customize button in the installer dialog.


When I did this I found that some or all of the file types previously associated with GIMP 2.6.12 were reassigned to 2.7.5, so for example double-clicking an .xcf file would open it in GIMP 2.7.5 instead. That may or may not be what you want (or you may not care if you only ever start the relevant version of GIMP and open files from there). If file types are not associated with the version you'd like, you can use Windows' settings to change them; I think on XP they're under Control Panel > Folder Options > File Types.

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