Re: Switching to Mac, any advice?

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Kevin, you just had to throw it in about Linux, didn't you...
I totally agree with you though.
I actually used to run Ubuntu with Gimp on that, and loved it.
But I come from long graphics experience, and wish to use many
of the other programs, video, audio etc that run on macs.
But thanks for the help. I love this list, btw. Lots of very nice,
smart and helpful people here.

On 3/5/12, Kevin Brubeck Unhammer <unhammer@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Daniel Smith <> writes:
>> Hi all.
>> I'm switching from Gimp on Windows to a Mac.
>> (It's an older one, a G5 tower with Leopard only,
>> but it's nice to be back on a Mac again.)
>> Before I just download and install without
>> thinking, I thought I might ask anyone for
>> advice they might give for the best install for mac,
>> or perhaps any packages on mac that are better
>> or features not available on Windows, etc?
>> Thanks for any ideas.
>> Daniel
> Last time I used a Mac, the "GIMP on OS X" link from
> seemed like the most user-friendly option
> to me. Leopard and newer have X11 included, so it's only the one
> download, and says
> Resynthesizer etc. is included, so you get lots of plugins that you'd
> have to download and install one by one on Windows[1].
> If you want the 2.7 beta, I guess you'll have to compile / use MacPorts.
> -Kevin
> [1]  Of course, on Linux, it's even easier =P
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