Re: Switching to Mac, any advice?

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Daniel Smith <> writes:

> Hi all.
> I'm switching from Gimp on Windows to a Mac.
> (It's an older one, a G5 tower with Leopard only,
> but it's nice to be back on a Mac again.)
> Before I just download and install without
> thinking, I thought I might ask anyone for
> advice they might give for the best install for mac,
> or perhaps any packages on mac that are better
> or features not available on Windows, etc?
> Thanks for any ideas.
> Daniel

Last time I used a Mac, the "GIMP on OS X" link from seemed like the most user-friendly option
to me. Leopard and newer have X11 included, so it's only the one
download, and says
Resynthesizer etc. is included, so you get lots of plugins that you'd
have to download and install one by one on Windows[1].

If you want the 2.7 beta, I guess you'll have to compile / use MacPorts.


[1]  Of course, on Linux, it's even easier =P

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