moving floating layers (was: Trying to move layer; only outline will move)

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"Dan ." <sustainable.ecodesign@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hi Kevin,
> From my experience, after pasting a new object in order to create a new layer, in the
> layers menu there should be Floating Selection ("pasted Layer") like Burnie wrote. For
> me, I right-click the "pasted layer" and select "New Layer", and the pasted object shows
> up as a new layer. From there, I make sure I deselect everything (SELECT > NONE), and
> then use the move tool (making sure the cursor is over the pasted object) to click on
> the object in your new layer in order to move it. Hope that is of some help.

You can move it first too though (then press ctrl+shift+N to turn it
into a regular layer). I find that quicker, but whatever floats your
boat. Layer. Whatever.


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