Re: Misleading reply to a FAQ for installing a GIMP2.6 Windows 7-32 executable

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Jernej Simončič <jernej|s-gmane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Wed, 18 Jan 2012 10:32:36 +0100, Kevin Brubeck Unhammer wrote:
>> – well, the assumption is wrong. LoginUI.exe is in fact a broken
>> application, part of HP's "personalisation", and it places a broken
>> version of intl.dll in the Windows system directory. This overrides the
>> file that GIMP expects to be there.
> Actually, GIMP expects intl.dll to be in it's installation directory.
> However GIMP's plug-ins are separate executables which have to be placed in
> another directory, but due to the way Windows loads DLLs, they try to load
> intl.dll from the System32 directory before trying the installation
> directory.

Does that mean you could circumvent it copying GIMP's intl.dll into any
subdirectory containing a plug-in?

(Alternatively, find ut where loginui.exe presides, and move the broken
intl.dll from system32 into that directory.)


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