Re: Misleading reply to a FAQ for installing a GIMP2.6 Windows 7-32 executable

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Evan Neumann <orbitingeden@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Let the kids finger paint over the cracked walls. 
> As far as Gimp. I don't know about the other issues, but rename intl dll intl-old.dll
> Then re-install Gimp.
> There is no feasible way to hold someone's hand through troubleshooting Gimp though. Because it is open source there are morose bugs that a user must muddle through when things go wrong.

Perhaps that generalisation has merit, perhaps not, but in this case the
fault lies with HP. I note that 
Renatus <dositheus@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> However intl.dll in folder Windows\System32 was hardly placed there by some broken
> application. It is used by LoginUI.exe, the user interface for the logon screen!

– well, the assumption is wrong. LoginUI.exe is in fact a broken
application, part of HP's "personalisation", and it places a broken
version of intl.dll in the Windows system directory. This overrides the
file that GIMP expects to be there.  

If anything, the problem is that GIMP expects the Windows install not to
be screwed up by HP. If you own an HP computer, it might help to
complain to them.

Anyway, if you use PortableGIMP, this comment seems to give a solution:


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