Re: Uninstalling Gimp crashes computer

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Sadly, no.  Although I just set it up to start creating them ... 

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On 1/6/12 11:16 AM, Marci Davis wrote:
> I didn't **let** her install it - in fact, it's inspired some rousing 
> review of what is OK to do (or not do) on the laptop. Nothing else has 
> been installed recently. By installation tree, do you mean going to 
> the location of the Gimp folder on the c drive? I did go out there and 
> try to uninstall or delete from there, but when I do so now, I get a 
> message that the path refers to a location that is unavailable. Could 
> this possibly mean that one of the uninstall attempt was successful, 
> despite crashes? If so, it seems weird that the folder is still 
> showing up. As far as the Gimp installers you reference, will those 
> also uninstall? At this point, I just want to try to get things back 
> to where they were before moving on to anything else.

Is there any chance you have a system restore point just before GIMP was


Mac OS X 10.6.8
Firefox 9.0.1
Thunderbird 9.0.1
LibreOffice 3.4.4

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