Re: Photoshop vs Gimp for mobile dev?

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Well I'm glad I asked.
Thanks for all the great info and answers.
But one thing I forgot to mention in my first big spiel,
(I'm very new to Gimp so am just trying to get the capabilities of it)
is, whether anyone knows of has personal experience using Gimp
for incorporation with video editing or like After Effects, work like
that? Just wondering. I see some pages on that, but thought
since you all have so much experience with it...
Thanks again for all the help,

On 12/31/11, Ronald F. Guilmette <rfg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In message
> <CAL8n2zMck+rVT-xF=6k621A6iyzfocZMjvpRVrBuN-GFFB_mPw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> , Frank Gore <gore@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>I've used Digikam for my photo collections for years.
> Hey!  Thanks a bunch!  I didn't know about that one at all.
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