Re: OT: Was: Gimp name-picking

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On 12/29/2011 05:24 PM, Xiella Harksell wrote:
> I am a bit of a lurker, but over the last few change-the-name
> discussions have been almost exasperated enough to make a post :).
> Just wondering, is it possible to prevent the discussion arising
> again? Hard link the archives of the various discussions that have
> arisen over the years?  Make a highly visible FAQ?  Or is it something
> the list will just field ad infinitum?

I don't know if I am exactly guilty of feeding the trolls, but close
enough:  Mea culpa, and I for one won't comment in these threads
again.  Or at least I will try not to.

Oops I just did.  Last time though.


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