Re: OT: Gimp name-picking (Was: Need help repairingimage)

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> On Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 11:29, Steve Kinney <admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> May I suggest that if you
>> want to change the name, suggest a better one and make a case FOR your
>> proposed name?
> > Rima: Raster Image Manipulation Application
> Chimp: GNU Image Manipulation Program (the acronym does not have to
> match perfectly!)
> Chimp: Charismatic Image Manipulation Program
> Chimp: <Clever CH* or C* H* words here> Image Manipulation Program
> Prima: Practical Image Manipulation Application
> Prima: <Clever PR* or P* R* words here> Image Manipulation Application
> Image: Image Manipulation Application by GNU E*
> Imagine: Image Manipulation Application by GNU I* N* E*.
> Oriaa: Open Raster Image Alteration Application
> > I could go on...

You are.

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> Dotan Cohen
> >
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