Re: Unable to flatten and/or deselect image?

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On Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 5:09 PM, Keith Purtell <kpurtell@xxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:kpurtell@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


   Sorta worked and sorta didn't. Still wouldn't let me merge down or
   flatten. But it did let me save it as default GIMP format, and more
   importantly as a TIF that I can transform into the JPG I want. I'll
   have to figure out what the bug was later.

   One thing I've learned in my years in IT: only a beginner will break
   software in ways the developer never could have imagined!

Did you try to save as a jpg file?

What version of gimp are you using?

What operating system?

Can you post the image that you are having problems with on the site
where you put the screen shot earlier?


It refused to save as a jpg. 
GIMP 2.6.8. 
Windows 7. 

The original image I started with is at

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