Re: slow startup from too many plug-ins installed

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Well, thanks, Frank and Steve for the suggestions. My problem is fixed, altho I am not sure whether it GOT fixed while trying Frank's suggestion - or I never really had a problem in the first place.

I understand (now, better) that Gimp caches a lot of startup info the first time it starts, or whenever things change - I thought of that mainly for fonts - but I guess it does it for plug-ins as well. So, as I was testing with half my plug-ins, it started fairly slow, then a restart with the same set was quite fast. So I tried the OTHER half - and that was, again, fairly slow the first time, then quite fast the second. Tried it again with all the plug-ins - same result: slow, then fast on a restart. And fast again this morning.

But it does seem like these tests were NEVER as slow as when I tested a few days ago. So, I insist on blaming a corrupt cache, that got cleaned up in some of my testing! :-)

Anyway - thanks again - now I can start learning Gimp.
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