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>Kasim Ahmic <kasim.ahmic@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> OK well I finally installed it and I really like it! Although it was laggy beyond
>> belief. That might be because it was running off of the USB stick. Does anyone know if
>> the packages on the Partha website will be able to run side by side with GIMP 2.6.11?

>If it truly is a "PortableApp", you should be able to just drag the
>folder from your stick to e.g. your desktop or something. The gimp
>executable should be in the "bin" subfolder.

>On a related note, I see there's a GIMP 2.7.3 at the original
> site:

>Anyone know the difference between the versions?


The obvious, Parthas is version 2.7.4 and the portableapps is 2.7.3

Installed in a winxp sp2 VM. Neither use win registry nor require a user .gimp directory. Tried Parthas on a USB stick, not going to break any speed records. 

Some stats, Partha includes locales by default whereas p_apps has extra languages as an install option.  Taking those out, Partha about 4500 files and 132MB p_apps 2300/125MB.

Starting up, Partha does not have the Gimp debug console showing, p_apps does 

Partha has a black theme as default, popular these days, not my cup of tea, the menu fonts in particular looks off. Easy to fix either with the included small icons theme or just graft in a regular theme.

Python.  Both have python installed. Partha includes a dozen extra python plugins. In the winxp sp2 VM no python on either, the p_apps debug console says "bad interpreter referenced ..." nothing obvious in Partha.

Giving them another chance, in my regular WinXP sp3 machine, which has a Gimp 2.6.11 +python installation,  Partha python working, but the same error messages for p_apps. Can't be bothered to sort it out.

Single window mode works for both, not that it is a big attraction for me, used Gimp for some time now and I am comfortable with original format.

rich (via
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